Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have your own installers?

Atlantic Designs does offer installation packages; however, there is no obligation to have our team install your cabinetry. We understand that many people are do-it-yourselfers or have their own contractors and builders. Should you want us to install your cabinetry, all of our installers are insured.

How long does it take to receive my kitchen once it’s been ordered?

Our order times generally fall in the 3-5 week lead times for cabinetry orders to 6-8 weeks for some of our more custom designs. We have some quick ship options as well. Installations can vary in length, depending on the countertop choice, size of project, and amount of detail. Generally, 2-3 days for cabinetry install (some small projects like apartment kitchens can be 1 day) and 3 days to 2 weeks for countertop after the cabinets are installed. We help you understand the whole process, so you can plan accordingly.

How much do I need to budget?

There are many variables that can affect the price of your kitchen or bath, such as wood species, door style, and construction–just to name a few. Your kitchen is a big investment, no matter what your budget is. We know this, and we fit all of our clients with the best product possible for their budgets. We have what you are looking for. There is a no charge appointment option for you to see what we can offer. Fill out this appointment request form today to get your appointment.

What information should I gather before our appointment?

Replacing appliances on a remodel is generally something that should be determined before our initial meeting. Sometimes the dream appliances do not fit into budgets and spaces. You do not need to purchase these items. If you do not know yet, do not worry; we can help you decide if these items will be best for your new kitchen.

If you are building a new home, a copy of the proposed floor plan will be needed. Flooring will be discussed but will not need to be picked out beforehand.

What can I expect during our appointment?

The initial appointment is the information gathering stage. This is where we get an understanding of your desires, lifestyle, and personality. These, combined with your appliances, will help us pull together your vision. The initial appointment generally ranges from 1-2 hours. After this time, we take all of the information and draw up your kitchen, so you can see elevations and different views of your kitchen before making your purchase. This can range from 1-3 days from our appointment or up to 10 days for larger, more intricate designs.

How do you differ from the big box stores and lumber yards?

We are a small business with the same tools. What does that mean for you? We buy direct, just like they do. With our low overhead, we are competitive; plain and simple. We keep our offerings to what you want and nothing more. We will not try to sell you flooring, or windows. We are kitchen designers with a love for what we do. As a small business, we are more accountable to you. Our livelihood depends on keeping our promises.

Do you come to our house for design help?

Yes! At Atlantic Designs, we offer two options to get your dream kitchen started.

1. In-House Consultation: Our most popular option is to have our kitchen designer come to you. We see the space differently than you may, giving us accurate dimensions upfront, and more flexibility to give you the BEST kitchen design for your space.

It requires a $229 * ** fee in which $179 will be credited toward the purchase of your kitchen cabinetry or countertops.

2. Design Studio Consultation: If you’d prefer, you can always come in for a free appointment at our design studio.

* This includes mileage up to 25 miles, from 224 Main Rd, Holden, with additional mileage of $2.50 per mile after 25 miles. As figured from Google Maps
** A portion of this fee will be credited as a deposit towards the purchase of materials.

We offer day and evening appointments; however, evenings tend to book up fast, so request your appointment now through our appointment form.

Do I need to make an appointment?

For a professional kitchen design, we do require appointments. This works best for our existing clients and makes sure you can get the one-on-one attention you need and deserve. We have two appointment options to suit every budget and schedule. You can get the appointment that best suits you by filling out this simple appointment request form, and we will be in contact to guide you on your way to your dream kitchen.

When should I start the process for my new kitchen?

As soon as you think about building or remodeling! Coming in early will give you time to get your design right and help you get a feel for timelines and pricing. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for you by educating and helping you budget.