Designer – Leah Ambrose

Lead Designer

Born and raised in Bangor, Leah’s interest in the field began to grow after attending UMO. As her design interest increased, so did the opportunities to put her ideas in action within a variety of work settings on both small and large scales. These opportunities allowed her to gain important insights and strategies needed to create aesthetically pleasing spaces as well as clever solutions to ensure that those spaces also offer the functionality of real life.

Leah lives in Dedham with her husband, Paul, and their two beloved dogs, Paddy and Lilly. When time allows, (and when she’s not obsessing about how to make your future design project absolute perfection) she enjoys cooking and testing out new recipes (even if they never turn out like the photos) and trying her (not-so-green) thumbs at gardening.

In addition to her 10+ years of experience, Leah demonstrates a sincere love for beautifully functional spaces, the ability to hear her client’s design needs and desires, and the creativity to make their spaces reflect them on a personal level. It’s her overall attention to detail that make her designs come to fruition and will speak for themselves.